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We Know Philly Real Estate

Get in the know with our Pennsylvania team

Finding and evaluating opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond

To get the real picture of your real estate opportunities you need to cross reference  Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT) and Human Intelligence (HUMINT).

You need Both data and boots on the ground.

It's about the Team

Realtors, plumbers, lawyers, investors, property managers, contractors and owners,

We’ve assembled a  multidisciplinary  team of professionals who know the ins and outs of investment in the Philly area, from the street level , like no one else to help you make the right decisions.       

and about the data

We’ve developed a unique, groundbreaking model for evaluating Real estate investment opportunities based on key data signals algorithm. Tap into our knowledge base to get the inside outs of real estate investments in Philly and South East PA

Beyond the Dry Numbers

Rerecon™(beta) will quantify, qualify and synthesize human generated value points, neighborhood assessment  & property attributes. You will get a health check report of your investment opportunity with clear recommendation

*Available in SE Pennsylvania

Answer these questions and more

  • Should I buy this property?
  • Is this a good time to build?
  • What kind of rehab is right for my property?
  • What would be my real ROI?
  • Are there hidden pitfalls with my investment?
  • Which is the next hottest area to invest in?